Radmilla Curcic’s before and after

Radmilla Curcic
Trainer: Nkem

I’ve been a member at NNOWW fitness since they began. Already having been Nkem’s client for some time, I was happy to support him when he and Nina opened up their own fitness studio.

Working out at NNOWW fitness has been a great experience, I much prefer to train in this setting over a big, crowded gym. Nkem is a great trainer who really knows how to challenge me so that I get the most out of every work out. Before I started training with him I was developing a number of health problems, including weight gain and frequent back pain. Nkem took all this into consideration when he started developing my personalized program. Now I feel better and healthier then ever and I can’t imagine training with anyone else but him! After starting the day with a great workout, its easy to stay focused on taking better care of myself.

Nina is a constant source of inspiration. Her weight loss journey serves as a reminder of what can be achieved thru discipline and persistence. It is simply amazing that she managed to turn her experience into a career of helping others achieve the same. I never trained with her but I can tell that If you need a good nutrition advice she is the one to go to!

I would highly recommend NNOWW fitness to anyone who is ready to make a positive step in their lives. When going to a big gym its easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the sea of people with different goals and abilities. At NNOWW fitness you can immediately tell that you’re in good hands, with genuine people who know how to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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