Nkem Oweazim

nkemMy first affection for sports and fitness was back in high school where I was dual athlete in football and track. I noticed at an early age that the people with proper strength training and calisthenics performed the best.

Currently having 5+ years experience as a top personal trainer and manger in the fitness industry, I found that a big part of my job was focused on reaching cash goals and not really dealing with the individual as whole on a personal level. I quickly developed my own style and chose to motivate, inspire and empower my clients to reach their own goals, not those that neatly fit into industry standards.

Training clients one on one to help them reach their life goals is my passion and healthy addiction. I love to see and help people progress at their own pace, while giving them the push they need to obtain optimal results in their own time frame.

My training style is one that combines athletic movement and strength training, which I try to incorporate into each and every clients training session. When most my clients start they are filled with doubts, insecurities and  “I can’t”s before long we turn them into sessions filled with confidence, progression and “I can’t believe I just did that!”