Marina Nina Tsapelas

marinaAfter losing over 140lbs while working with Nkem, my personal trainer, close friend and now business partner, I decided to take everything I learned in my own weight loss journey & use it to help others. Coming from a counseling background with 5+ years of experience, my desire to help people has always been there. Combine that with having successfully fought a 10+ year battle with obesity myself and it was the perfect storm to fuel my passion for wanting to help others succeed specifically in their own fitness and weight loss efforts. I never wanted another person to enter their journey anxious, confused and exploited by their insecurities, lack of knowledge and flood of misinformation about nutrition and health in the mass media.

Born & Raised in Queens, NY

BA in Psychology & Masters in Counseling – St John’s University


Nathalia Weight Loss Blog Interview: (hasn’t been updated in years but some possibly helpful content)


For more detailed information about my weight loss journey, including my diet and training you can follow me on instagram @PoloPrincessNYC or check out my personal webpage at

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