What to Expect

What to Expect

Private atmosphere

Individualized attention

Personalized training

Initial sessions at NNOWW Fitness

  • Complimentary Consultation
    • Goal exploration
    • Current lifestyle
    • Identify perceived obstacles success
    • Strategic Plan recommendations (usually following assessments)
  • Fitness assessment session
    • A short personal training session to assess your current fitness level and determine the best approach for your goals, strength and weaknesses.
  • Meal plan assessement session
    • An in-depth look at your current dietary lifestyle, as well as some basic history, to assess the ideal nutritional approach for you.

All assessments are followed by general physical and nutritional guidelines and recommendations for your goals, all before you even sign up!

Accountability measures:

  • Height, weight, body fat % and BMI to be recorded
  • Several body part measurements
  • Before photos to be taken (if you would like)

Personal Training

  • Your first 3 personal training sessions will be more in-depth constant assessments of your personal trainer getting to you– where all of your strengths, weaknesses, doubts and fears may lay so that we can infinitely optimize your results.
  • Continuous goal setting, assessments, feedback and accountability!