About Us

Nkem and Nina’s Overall Weight loss and Wellness Program (NNOWW Inc), also known as NNOWW Fitness was created in June of 2014 after we, the founders, Nkem and Nina had the inspiration to create a fitness program like no other in existence. A multifaceted fitness program of sorts, where we assess and approach the person as a whole to achieve their goals regardless of life circumstances and backgrounds. Nkem, a lifelong athlete and Nina, a person who fought and won a 10+ year battle with morbid obesity having lost and kept off over 140lbs come from two very different fitness experiences and perspectives. The two used those complete opposite experiences to create an innovative program that would be able to meet EVERY client where they were, whether it was the client who is in the best shape of their life looking to push it to the next level, the client looking to tone up and lose a few pounds for an event or vacation and also most importantly the client who could never imagine exercise as a possible way of life and cringes at the thought of even picking up the phone to schedule their first fitness assessment. Being a completely exclusive studio also enhances the personal training experience by allowing the client complete privacy with never more than 3 other clients in the studio at a time for personal training sessions.

Nkem Oweazim
Certified Personal Trainer
Boot Camp Instructor

Marina Nina Tsapelas
Personal Trainer
NNOWW Lifestyle Instructor
Motivational Speaker
Weight Loss Coach

Liz Saroyan
Certified ZUMBA Instructor

Mikki Cabarcas
Personal Trainer
Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor

Rakhi Tsadilas
Personal Trainer
NPC Figure Competitor