Looking for a kick ass workout with amazing instructors and a supportive family style environment to reach your fitness goals? Introducing NNOWW Fitness Studios, where we transformed the Personal Training experience of NNOWW Fitness to a Larger Group Training Studio! Group Fitness has never been so personal! Now offering calorie scorching classes led by Certified Personal Trainers, including Boot Camp, Zumba, Cardio Hip Hop and much more! Yoga also available, all classes $10 each.

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NNOWW Fitness, where a SMALL group is really a SMALL group. Our sessions take place in an exclusive intimate setting, with sessions capped at a maximum of 8 clients. Each client is provided with a targeted personal training experience & never an overcrowded or impersonal feel.

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$30 per Session
$250 for 10
$350 Unlimited

The ultimate fitness experience & sure fire way to quickly achieve, maintain and continuously improve the body you want while infinitely staying on top of your fitness game. Personalized sessions driven by constant assessments of YOUR strength, endurance and body composition.

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The key to transforming your entire life, while shedding some major pounds in just 30 days!
A series of classes designed to give YOU the power to make all the RIGHT food and fitness choices to meet the goals you set for the REST of your life!!!

A 30 day program (with the option of continuing coaching) designed to teach you all about your body and the foundations of its relationship to stress, food, cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, muscle building and fat loss!!

Everyone who followed the meal plan and cardio plan given to them strictly lost a MINIMUM of 10 pounds by the end of the 30 days and kept it off (plus lost more) continuing the lifestyle on their own!!

Next class start date 4/3/17
Mandatory Orientation either online or in person 3/27/17

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NNOWW Fitness is a completely exclusive personal training studio conveniently located on Northern Blvd (25A) in Little Neck, NY (North Eastern Queens, NYC). We offer intimate one on one, two on one and small group personal training sessions, allowing our clients to select from a variety of privacy settings while always avoiding the crowded impersonal feel of your traditional high traffic health clubs and gyms.

Do it NNOWW, Do it CLEAN, Do it for LIFE